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Customized Residential Interior Design & Turnkey Execution

  • Select an Interior Designer of your choice & taste. The designer will charge a design & supervision fee for the project
  • Designer will typically appoint separate contractors & carpenters for the execution
  • Like turnkey this is also an end-to-end solution
  • Designers will provide overall supervision for the project & ensure their designs are correctly executed
  • Close interaction with the designer at all times which allows for more flexibility & fluidity during the process
  • Designer could also appoint separate project management consultants for the project. Typically done for larger projects
  • Design & execution is more common for residential projects but is also done for commercial spaces. Overall it offers a higher-level of personalization
  • From a cost perspective to an end customer both turnkey & design + execution will end up costing about the same.

Our Speciality

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"Our integrated comprehensive services manifest into single−window responsibilities which in turn translates into unparalleled peace of mind for our client"